what lies beneath

we had our big coming out to politicians this week for the campaign, in conjunction with a visit to ottawa by this guy (slightly less impressive than i'd expected, and shorter than i thought he'd be) whose poverty eradication strategies you might have read about recently in time. orchestrating the ever important wine and cheese shingdig for mps and senators, furnished warmly by a very gropey italian named tony, was stressful enough. but in that the un people had big ideas for big impact, i was tightly wound up in most of the jam-packed day. we all bonded over the joys of wrangling important people, though i was pleased with how well the members of my steering committee handled being handled - a rare treat.

as for what came out of the chaos, no media coverage but a blast of energy and ideas about pouring our campaign energy into a focussed window for july's g8 meeting (admittedly, our tactics won't be the most creative). and this week gave us the impetus to push hard. belinda liked what she heard this week and rose in the house to call for a firm timeline for 0.7 (an effort to deflect gossip about her budding romance with peter?). my own home girl, senator ray-ray - another conservative, no less - has a motion on 0.7 that will get debated on tuesday. there is momentum for this, and we're going to pounce on it.

all of this will require me to wrestle free from some of that tenacious grey. i've been under the covers again. the grey is in there, tickling the undersides. it's one thing to know it, quite another to get at it. rather like the ominous bump in the middle of my pool, an undecipherable shape under my pool cover. thanks to disappearing snow, i noticed it this morning. creepy. i know the pool was free of debris when i closed it last fall. so what the fuck is under there? as with other discomforting things underneath, i guess i'd rather remain in awe and daunted than demystified...


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