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so caught up in the whole question of how to negotiate access to my own fucking job description, it hadn't really sunk in that c and i kicked ass at pop culture trivial pursuit on saturday night. granted, i was splashing my cosmos around and apparently knocking shit off the table, but i still pulled scott baio out of my ass when it really mattered. oh, it really mattered. especially since daly was trash talking all night - something about a can of whoop ass. our collective knowledge of inane pop culture was more than they could handle, despite the valiant efforts of team masham, who just couldn't catch a break (if only there'd been more questions about the backstreet boys). team sherbrooke ave really took an early lead with such zingers as baby pacman, "cary grant!", pets.com, and the shocking fight club response delivered after just one freeze frame. but it wasn't enough. c won us the game by calmly uttering desperately seeking susan. and it was over. this, even after i'd trumped several of his correct guesses (who knew tori spelling starred in mother, may i sleep with danger? - i'll never doubt him again). all that remains are the spoils of that sweet victory: a third of the tray of tiramisu i'd made, and a bag of this disturbing snack "food", brought by team masham, the styrofoamy contents of which i may fashion into some kind of crafts project.


Anonymous Miss Vicky said...

On behalf of Team Sherbrooke, I'd like to thank the uber-hostess and her mixologist for a fantastic night.

We was robbed, though. Who topped Blackwell's 1998 Worst-dressed list? Why was John Wayne refused military service? I mean, come on!!!!!

4:23 p.m.  
Anonymous Vicky's Webgeek said...

Seconding the thanks from Team Shrbrooke here.

I'd also like to point out that we, in fact, brought that vile, chartreuse-coloured packing material/snack stuff known as "Veggie Booty" (Wow. You can really taste the Kale!)

11:46 a.m.  

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