america, the feminist

the snow is so high in front of my house, i couldn't get the car into the driveway just now. had to park on the street and trudge to my door. haven't planted footsteps so deep since a few years back when i was north of 60 around these parts. if i were still a shut-in, it wouldn't matter so much to be snowed in for awhile. but i started a big new shiny campaigner gig today that will take me into town every so often. if the snow continues at this rate, i may have to consider diving out a window to leave. or i could tunnel to the road with my own pee. or with any luck, my handsome snow removal guy will truck over and emancipate me. i really love him.

speaking of piss holes in the snow, america, the feminist, withdrew a proposed amendment to the declaration emerging from this week's beijing + 10 gathering in nyc. intended to re-affirm agendae set in 95, the us wanted to ensure the declaration does not refer to abortion as a right. so it spent more than a week trying to strongarm support for an amendment to that effect, garnering support from only two countries. so the matter was dropped - turns out the document never made that assertion in the first place. just when you thought the bureaucrats and grrls could calmly gather to assess the advancement of women's equality, the us has to show up all macho and sanctimonious, scratching its balls, picking a fight to get everyone's attention. thanks jeezus the story didn't go far, which it could have given the scathingly anti-abortion policies of the bush crew like the gag rule. thank you team dubya for demonstrating yet again what a perversion of freedom and democracy you're trying to ram down the global throat. gag us all.

anyhoo, happy international women's day tomorrow. we should all light candles or wear pins or dispatch e-cards or something profound like that. let me just say this: if beyonce has occasionally struggled with self-worth, as she claims in the moving iwd campaign for l'oreal ... we are all fucked.


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pamela, darling, i hope things are well up nord. i quit smokes, and my lungs are happy and liberated, but i'm not one of those ex-smoker types that guilts everyone except through example. bria's in indonesia, and you can follow her adventures at brihannala.blogspot.com. adam's gone west, we had a fun adieu-party, and lindsay is still here in madison working with the boys at action wisconsin. i'm enjoying the reading...

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