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allow me to draw attention to a coupla features that have recently been added to this pre-fab blog design. to the left of your screen is a listing of a few of my fave sites for kicks and fixes - where you might enjoy visiting if you have the sort of time to waste or kill as i do. i include said links like every other wannabe arbiter of things web.

the other detail over there is an optimistic list of people with whom i've fallen out of touch and would love to know about... some go as far back as 20 years. a long but pamusing shot. ironically, i stole this idea from a blogger who i've lost track of.

if you're keeping score of the battle between my work output and procrastinatory tendencies (as a spectator of my own fucking life, i enjoy following such things) - today's overwhelming drive to make inroads on some fundraising leads was thwarted by this ridiculous glitch. dagnamit, if only my targets were based in less patriotic places. lordy, let not this surge wane.


Anonymous Elaine said...

Hey, what about Solomon Ngali? You GOTTA add him to your list of lost peeps.

4:44 p.m.  

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