singled out

ah, the power of that industry machine wickedly steered by cupids up the revenue graphs. today will generate billions in profits for the clever engineers in cahoots behind the scam. powerful holiday, 'eh? significant others are cued to express. flailing partners hoping for redemption with a mere bouquet or box of heart-shaped chocolates. a harmless cinnamon heart exchange exercise has the power to either douse or ignite the flames of a kiddie crush.

and the unpartnered endure the oppressive barrage of images and messages that reinforce the couplecentricity of the fucking planet. our culture so aggressively promotes the tyranny of coupledom (the brainwash that one should constantly be or aspire to be in a long-term relationship, that being single is always inferior to being in a relationship, and that romantic relationships provide the key to happiness) - no wonder so many singles are rendered especially
depressed around now.

well happy v-day to me - the fifth feb14th in a row that i'm unattached. true to my quirkyalone status, i am employing this short list of strategies to get through it:

1. avoid listening to self-pity ballads, especially all by myself, i can't make you love me and
this aimee mann killer
2. avoid musing about exes
3. avoid any movie starring julia roberts or meg ryan
4. make a dish that embodies the bittersweetness of this status (i'm right now preparing a pot of my sweet potato and chipotle soup)
5. book a booty call
6. re-read
this manifesto for uncompromising romantics while watching utterly unromantic tv like the o'reilly factor, animal precinct, or question period


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