model envy

in a post about words that should exist, miss v mentions one i had come up with by accident a few years back - thrival - a clever (if i do say so myself) combination of thrive and survival.

two horrors ...

1. i am shocked and appalled to learn today that i am not the only one to have innovated the word

2. it was former model/icon
janice dickinson who laid claim to having "coined" my term - i'm so fucking proud

and an apology ...

3. for even tuning in at all to
this channel where i caught this on one of those where are they now things

an unrelated but equally irritating nugget i unearthed while channel surfing today: psycho couple
jonathan and victoria from the amazing race 5 - who gave even the most blasse viewers a huge hate-on - will be featured on a dr. phil primetime special this tuesday about relationship rescues. and of course i'll watch, if only to see how quickly dr. phil comes to despise the contemptuous prick and tyrannized weakling (and also because i'm a sick bastard). believe me, i'm not the only one who feels this way about them.

i can't believe i even know any of this shit. jeezus.


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