shout outs

yo yo whassup y'all. i'd like to send a shout out to the guy upstairs - if it is indeed god's intent that my test is to endure work relationships (repeatedly) with oddballs who don't get much but insist that they're brilliant, then all is going according to his divine plan.

the gathering at kinki last night was for jenn and her beau greg (jenn = dear friend and my counterpart in that whole three tart birthdaypalooza of 04), and of course for me too, since i whored myself onto the honour list because one week of shout-outs to my fucking birthday isn't too much. after seven exotic martinis and so-good sushi, i was feeling just fine, thank you. greg and i quietly agreed that i would hold his left ass cheek in my right hand for much of the evening. a shout out to the event planners for arranging more than a dozen pals to cram into a circular booth intended for 8. those hours were both snug AND "happy".

props to my grrl V for keepin' it real on the newly-launched, miss vicky's offhand remarks. and while i'm at it, a shout out to just a few on my current roster of hangouts for coffee and smart comedy: wendy at pound, sarah's que sera sera, mcsweeney's (especially those fucking lists), the onion (duh). for really twisted pamusement, i've lately been snooping around jeff's gimpy dump truck.

final shout outs with much love and props ...

to debbie gibson for taking hers off too
michael j for just not giving up
to jessica simpson for being so brave - you make us proud grrl!
to jp II for hanging the fuck on, and to his homies
to jimmy prentice for stepping out of line - the mother of all big whoops

peace out.


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