wedded bliss

at the risk of musing too academically about canadian constitutional law and the charter and international human rights protocols, suffice it to say that the recently-revived hoopla around the same-sex marriage debate renders me simultaneously enraged and bored to fucking tears.

choking on headlines and bile, i find myself asking yet again, what the fuck is up your ass, mr. harper? (sorry) does he even have a point? oh right, that same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. never mind that a million constitutional experts have co-signed an open letter cautioning mr. harper about the validity of his position and plan. never mind that the federal supreme court has already green-lighted the thing, well after a number of provinces have taken steps towards same-sex marriage equality. dousing any flicker of hope for a future in the conservative party, even belinda stronach has come out (sorry) against the party line, saying she's in favour of same-sex marriage.

when you think about it, all kinds of unacceptable sex is enshrined within the traditional definition: no-sex marriage; bad-sex marriage; infrequent-sex marriage. yet the right thinks same-sex marriage just isn't right. and that it shouldn't become a right. because if we tinker with the definition of marriage, then "what's next? polygamy?" this represents the slippery slope branch of the nonsensical school of thought, the same one that worries that by moving towards equality for gays and lesbians, we're careening towards acceptance of beastiality and other such deviant behaviour. ass holes (sorry).

it got me thinking about a recurring dream of my childhood, one involving me in a wedding dress, walking up a dirt path in our backyard towards my intended groom. i recall the intoxicating joy i'd felt in that dream, surrounded by family and friends, my 5 year old brother playing violin, a beautiful sunny summer day, marrying my beloved. that groom was my pet bunny, snoopy. we were deeply in love.

i'm not clear as to why we're not married today. had it only been legal ...


Blogger accidental altruist said...

thanks Pam. best punch-line i've read in a long time. :-)

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