cuba si

internet access in cuba was expensive, if not scarce. i tried posting once, but wound up running out of time just as it was about to publish. it was tragic, really, bumming me out such that i needed to spend a full afternoon on the beach hurlying my wee insignificant body into monstrous sea waves alongside the delicious brian.

too tired to say much now. but for the moment, here's what i know:
  • cuba is an amazing anomoly, time warped and perfect
  • not a single person should miss the chance to visit before castro departs
  • there is a disturbing cuban fascination with lycra
  • beck sure can beat an inside joke to death, then kill it some more
  • i really miss my new friends
  • cuban rum is the work of the devil

our two weeks on the island sent us on an emotional roller coaster. it was edifying, provocative, inspiring. i am so deeply moved. the processing of it all will only begin now. there is so much to turn over... and to do that in regina, well that's just fucked up. but here i am. and there you are. so near. so far.


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