go habs!

oh right, i don't give a shit about the habs. just like i don't give a shit about heading to a place that usually excites me - my favourite city in canada - montreal. there's a pretty important meeting there this weekend, one that i've been contemplating ways to get out of. i've got to shove off in an hour and am nowhere near ready. i've got roughly 39 things on today's to-do list - have only checked off 2. how the fuck has it gotten to this point? for someone who's usually organized and relatively together, the recent weeks of wobbliness and chaos are mind-fucking. i have come unglued, it seems, and i'm not sure how much i even care about it. thankfully instead of turning to something like this, i'm days away from this. (confession: lately, i've been turning occasionally to najinder's version of this... don't judge me.)

so what better way to manage the chaos than to head to a potentially difficult political meeting? i mean,
quebec politics - boring and simple, right? (not that there's an emerging new political party or anything) and our party is not in any kind of flux nor in need of any kind of monumental shake up. hell no. but if this weekend doesn't go well, i might recommend we bring in some kind of guest facilitator to help us take a "real hard look" at ourselves and our strategy. nice help if you can get it.


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