bush party

when i was growing up back home on the range, the phenomenon of the bush party was in full swing. not a lot for prairie kids to do for fun, so small town and city kids alike would often congregate at a pre-determined location out in the bush (or more commonly, in the corner of some farmer's field) to waste time. and this was not just a summer affair. oh no, even at 40 below 0, the lure of rural silliness can be strong. the bush party is a year-round phenomenon for we pathetic prairie kids. the fire pit is always the hub of these gatherings, serving two glorious purposes: heat and entertainment.

memories of those pre-teened, cheap-wine-drinkin', contraband-cigarette-smokin', awkward-amateur-kissin' events came to mind recently. because these people are throwing one raunchy bush party next week - and it's going to be right here in the nation's capital! and like pre-teens looking for cheap thrills, we'll all rally around this fire, the so-called peace flame.

yes, in honour of dubya's first official visit to ottawa, the kids are gathering to make some noise. and while we will (likely) show up minus the baby duck and mom's menthols, make no mistake, there WILL be howling to the skies.


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