play misty for me

maybe it's an early mid-life crisis. or maybe i've officially lost it. i don't know who the fuck i think i am staying out til 6 in the morning on a saturday night? last night, claude and i went to a pizza party, grabbed marc-andre, then went to a party in dominic's art studio. dominic did a lot of things right, like trails of tea lights and a decent dj. but the energy was off somehow. i didn't get all falling down drunk or anything, but let's just say there were adult beverages enjoyed, rugs cut, laughs released. and there was some pretty good chat. the party would have been better if the studio and adjoining garage space had been shrunk to about 1/3 of the size. the dj was good, but with that number of people in such a large space, an ideal atmosphere of intimacy didn't stand a chance. funny how despite all our criticisms of the thing, we 3 fools managed to hang around til the bitter end. maybe we figured it was 15 years ago and we were ravers on the loose (you must be club-kidding me). oh, the slurred quote of the night: "je veux danser avec TOI" - daphne.

so i slept for 4 hours, then dragged my sorry ass to nancy's birthday brunch. lovely. good food, good friends, good everything. the fatigue and heavy eyelids may have something to do with this, but i spent this grey (cup) day feeling all misty n' shit. a few times, i found myself chasing after profound wandering thoughts like "good christ, i know some amazing people", "jeezus, corina has great hair", "holy shit, he is SO FUCKING NICE" ... people'd be talking to me, asking me questions, sharing secrets and stories, and i'd be feeling as ooey and gooey as the gourmet cherry jam. what the christ happened, i'm not certain. gratitude abounded inside of me for the oft-overlooked coolness of the people i'm fortunate enough to call friends. but it was the kind of warm fuzziness best reserved for the embarrassingly drunk ass hole in a bar who grabs the microphone in the dj booth to yell "OMIGOD I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS" to his rugby team.

not for inexhaustible club kids like me.


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