voting in pictures

we're getting restless. itchy to get out there and smell what's going on. it's isolated in this room where teamsters have had yelling matches during negotiations. the kitchen gang just served us subs and pizza. there's also an abundance of halloween candy. i'm tempted to turn on that lone christian news channel to get some media stimulation, but i fear it may be more like strangulation.

thanks be to the holy internet. we've been browsing a wee bit. the ny times has quite a compelling slide show of e-day images here. there has been some interesting numbers emerging about the latino voting on that open thread, which also lists exit polls #s for 6pm.

the last npr hourly newscast indicated that there have been reports of weird goings on in missouri. the aclu there has "100s" of lawyers watching polls in the greater st. louis area. here's the list of wisconsin municipality city clerks we've been using for inquiries.

had a quick phone check-in with austin in madison - the campus base of the voter mobilization plan has been going really well. he said that candidate dave magnum got booed out of a tour stop. sweet. i saw this guy (try to) debate the remarkable tammy baldwin last week. not impressive.

i checked in with a couple of our drivers who are bored out in the field, asking for vital signs. but the phone calls in this room are picking up as darkness overtakes us. the rides game is always a gamble. does does a low number of calls for rides indicate a low voter interest, or does it indicate a sudden high mobility among the electorate? given the predictions of high voter turnout today, we hope for the latter.

this is what i wish for right now.


Blogger accidental altruist said...

we're all proud of you PAM!
you dun us proud.

hope you are recovering from the post-election hangover (both literal AND figurative) amongst friends.
BIG hugs for you soon

~Jenn Farr~

12:52 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

phwump-phwump-phwump (game-show horn hitting one lower
octave after another revealing the crap prize)
dear Pam, my worst fears of religious faith fornicating with politics and social progress have
come true. It can only explain the results of this latest election ... The blindness and stunted growth that comes when one is wrapped, warped and strangled in religious dogma. Fear, righteousness, and illusionary
truth. What next, I wonder? - claude

11:35 p.m.  

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