4 hours left

i only have a few minutes. where the fuck has the day gone? it's 4pm and we're doing a shift turnover with the drivers here. it's been a slow day for rides.

there was just a loud whopping and hollering from the big room - the chief coordinator just announced the good looking exit poll results. in case you haven't seen them, here are the 3pm numbers:

FL Kerry +4
OH Kerry +5
MI Kerry +4
PA Kerry +16
IA Kerry +2
WI Kerry +5
Minn Kerry +15
NV Bush +1
NM Tied
NC Bush +5
CO Bush +1
VA Bush +1

during the drive this morning, adam told me about white flight from milwaukee. makes me shudder, but it's not uncommon in suburban america. great article at salon about the election protection volunteers in florida who are doing "god's work" - it's listed under "florida mid-day report" here. the election day open thread here offers some interesting pan-geographic updates. cnn will be monitoring the balance of power as numbers come in, probably starting in two hours. and this is a great picture of a famous teamster.

someone needed the computer and now i'm back. by now, we have new results from 4pm:

a quick look at exits as of 4pm


FL +2.2
IA +0.5
MN +13.7
NV +0.9
NH +15.6
NM -0.2
OH +3.2
PA +13.4
WI +5.0


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