sclemeel, schlemazel!

with one day left, guess where both presidential candidates are stumping today? they will be three blocks and one hour apart in none other than milwaukee. home of laverne and shirley, the fonz, a special brew, and one of my mom's alma maters.

big events are planned there for both contenders, with barely hours left in the campaign.

celeb alert: dreamboat jon bon jovi, will be performing at the kerry stop. c&w legends
brooks and dunn and the oakridge boys will play to the republican crowd.

it boggles my mind how many resources are being poured into this state. and by both parties. the democratic coordinated committee here has had more people on the ground than ever before. canvassers have been working
smaller markets and pursuing the rural vote in strategic ways. the bush camp has its own strategy too, supplementing the dubya stop with two other top guns - daddy bush in green bay and boss cheney in waukesha. hard to fathom just how narrow the gore win was here in 2000 - the bush people sure want those 5708 votes. it's a piece of the bigger plan that has turned more than a few politico heads.

there may be only ten electoral votes here, but those republicans want them so bad, they can taste it. great to be in one of the key six


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