this is who adam is becoming tonight. the wig is ready, though it needs more combing. he's just finished fashioning a microphone out of a paper towel tube and a halved styrofoam cup. there's also a print out that mimicks what would appear on the bottom of the tv screen beneath her image: under her name, he's created some of those dizzying ticker headlines: "briney and kevin: on the rocks? • jenna bush admitted to re..." perhaps it seems funny that the state director of a campaign such as this might have time to do a crafternoon. truth is, things are clipping along here. many pieces of pizza have just been consumed. as i type, the second shift of canvassers are getting their packages and briefings. the phoners are doing their thing. i'm about to go drive one of the canvass teams into their assigned turf. then i'm headed to the dollar store for some trick or vote treats. i'm thinking some of these would be lovely to munch on during the g-l-o-r-i-a gathering.


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