hot and bothered

i'm late in posting today. i've been working on an op-ed piece, which i'll post later once adam signs off on it.

can't believe how fucking hot it is today. but not a good hot. based on the blazing humidex level, i might as well be in sao paolo or mumbai. can't walk two steps without breaking into a sticky sweat. attractive, to be sure.

i'm bummed to have missed an event today featuring shirley manson of garbage and kim gandy of the national organization for women. they're doing a gotv rally on campus with local dj's and a lot of noise. i wonder how many people showed up.

got to have dinner with some cool people last night: chris, the director of action wisconsin, lindsey, regional organizer for stonewall democrats, and visiting politico-celeb, chrissy gephardt. this just in: chrissy is cool. a late bloomer (she came out four years ago at 27), she's got some political instinct and seems committed to gay rights activism, a new area for her. i asked how her dad is doing, cuz i like him and have respected his work. we chatted a bit about the leadership race [i boldly suggested he should have assembled a pr team early on and she sort of agreed], what it felt like to contemplate being first daughter, what it's like to endure attacks, often personal, during a tenure of public service (he's fine, btw, preparing for a retirement of consulting and philanthropy). fascinating stuff. oh, and i asked her to dish about what her dad thinks of john kerry, but i shan't share those stories here.

after dinner, we wandered from the thai-laotian restaurant to the gay out the vote event. disappointing turnout, sadly. people are talking about voter saturation and i think it's true. most folks seem evented and rallied out. springsteen notwithstanding, most events are a gamble now in terms of drawing a crowd. on the one hand, this is a pulsating battleground state, on the other hand, it's a sure thing for the dems, right? news types call it "too close to guess" ...


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