the white stripes are playing and the full time paid staffers have collected for their morning check-in meeting. i’m listening in. this whole thing just gets better and better. according to the latest count, we are up to 150 canvass shifts lined up for this weekend. volunteers will be heading out to the doors of identified supporters to pump people up to vote. meanwhile, back at the ranch, we will have a full slate of phoners in the office, dialing to mobilize. the exact same thing is going on in offices throughout this building, and so many others. with so few days left to go, adrenaline is really kicking in now. according to today’s polling numbers for wisconsin (and we in Canada know how reliable pre-election polling is), the state of wisconsin is still either candidate’s to claim – the difference is still within the margin of error. the fire in the bellies of progressives around here is fucking fierce. i love it.


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