can't gay sway?

it was a cold and damp night. we meandered over to the slipper club to watch the cabaret show that adam has been telling me about for months. we were pooped, brain-fried, and godammit, so thirsty. i made myself comfortable on a bar stool amidst the queens, queers, and curious. somewhere between the neil diamond act (ahh, the 8-track soundtrack of my upbringing) and the rousing rendition of acdc's shook me all night long, i became accutely aware of the crowd around me. i wound up buzzed-ly contemplating the question of the gay vote.

the gay vote. why ain't there one such thing? single-issue voters who are lgbt have no question about who to vote for. after all, neither party is perfect, but the dems are pro-equality. yet someone not voting for equality is likely concerned with economic policy and terror alerts – enough to be swayed to the republicans, even if that party actively discriminates against lgbt.

so maybe it comes down to class. if you're well-off and gay, the issue of partner benefits may not move you. protecting business interests and tax brackets likely trumps pesky concerns like equality and human rights. obsessing over stock tips and nips and tucks, who has time to worry about community?

but if there was a gay voting block (consider notoriously gay spots like san francisco, nyc, seattle - kerry leads in those areas), then florida would still dangle on its own. according to this predictor map, the race is (still?!) tied in the homopalooza hot zone. que pasa? perhaps those tucked and tanned gay boys have confused tacky with progressive. talk about bliss.


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