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just came from the "women on the move" tour event. we were 200 or so mainly female supporters crowded into this small room at wisconsin's overture centre. all of the speakers did an impressive job of rallying the crowd of 200 or so mainly female supporters, notably kathleen kennedy townsend, maryland's first female lieutenant governor, 2 us olympic soccer stars, and of course, miss sharon stone. the olympians talked about the perception of america as an "oppressor" that us athletes experienced in athens. the crowd really enjoyed the rallying words of retired army general pat foote, a small but fiery woman who spoke passionately about herself as living proof that serving in the us military and being a democrat are not mutually exclusive. but of course, the big deal was sharon stone. i must confess, i found her very moving. i didn't want to, but it was an effective and subdued delivery of her heartfelt disappointment with all things bush. she did well in bringing home the tour's message, calling the power to vote a very "sacred" one: "when you vote, be compassionate... be thoughtful... be spiritually elegant. people's lives depend on it."


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