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for electionsake, set aside how you think you feel about the ever-controversial eminem. he has put out a high tech high impact video as part of the whole push to mobilize the youth vote. i may be tuckered and raw and caught-up-in-it-all, but the video gave me goosebumps - it's mainly animated, and features eminem collecting and leading an 'army' of angry voters to the polls. and the lyrics are dope. check it:

"they ain’t gon’ stop us, they can't, we're stronger now more then ever; they tell us no we say yeah, they tell us stop we say go, rebel with a rebel, yell “raise hell”, we gon’ let em? No STOMP, PUSH, SHOVE, MUSH… FUCK BUSH, until they bring our troops home… COMMON"

[don't forget, eminem is part of the 'trick or vote' track of our campaign - this saturday night, we're handing out tens and thousands of goodie bags in the swing states - the bags feature an exclusive sirius mix-cd from shady records featuring dj green lantern and eminem]


Blogger terrette said...

I liked the video, too, despite my never having liked Eminem.

What is the meaning of "Mosh"?


9:28 a.m.  

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