potus, the boss & foo

ok, so tomorrow is the big rally for kerry here in madison. i haven't posted anything about this yet on the off chance it might not have happened. and as we've been getting word about supposedly confirmed headliners, i've resisted posting those too because who's fucking sure if they're really coming.

but now, the planets seem to be aligning such that the show will indeed go on. and guess who i'll be seeing? in addition to oogling the future potus, we will be entertained by none other than the boss himself, bruce springsteen, along with a little known (not!) rock band called the foo fighters.

ok, so i don't actually own any music by the boss, but who can deny his status as a music legend, an icon, and the voice of one social class and at least two generations. oh, and a confession: i still have a wee crush on dave grohl. aw c'mon, admit it, you do too.

i'll tell you all about it tomorrow, hopefully with visual accompaniments. we didn't get 'red' tickets for the event, but are holding 'blue' ones which are at least cooler than the plain old 'white' ones for just anybody, the riff raff, la pleb.


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