i've been meaning to post about what's going down tonight. it's big. at least it is for me. gloria fucking steinem is going to be in this very office in just a few hours. she's on a tour of the swing states to target young voters and women voters to fire bush. some young voters may not know much about her, but for others of us, she is indeed an icon.

she'll be hanging out with our volunteers here in the office from 7-8. then we're taking her down to state street to hand out those trick or vote bags i've mentioned. we're going to try to yank her out of the throngs before it gets too hairy. then she's apparently slated to shmooze with the likes of the state governor at the hilton.

ok, so i'm fucking excited. i've met her before, but tonight will be an intimate environment - we'll be able to speak casually with gloria, one of the most important living feminists. she has been a critical role model for me, serving as both a political mentor and as intellectual inspiration. there are so many things i want to ask her - deep earth-shattering questions like "what the fuck is happening to our movement?" and "do you ever dig out the bunny ears and tail and sashay around the house?" and "how do we get the third-wave grrls to say 'feminism'?" ... ok, perhaps i'll paraphrase. my oft-wavering feelings about the western women's movement could sure use an injection of gloria's spirit.


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