gotv push off

everything that has gone into the campaign thusfar has been to build toward the gotv push. that push started with a shove this morning. and it's not just us at the alliance (a name i cringe to use - canucks would know why - but that they seem to dig). all the 527s and party-related groups like this are using these last three days to invigorate all the id's (marks, as they're known back home). time has come to get out the fucking vote.

my first job this morning was to haul ass to pick up one of the rental vans. when i arrived at the office, i had to beat my way through throngs of moveon volunteers who were assembled around the hallway outside our office to get their marching orders. inside our freshly tidied and vacuumed epicentre, our paid canvassers were getting briefed in advance of the arrival of the volunteers. there are at least three shifts of sweeping canvasses each of the next three days to cover around forty wards in the madison area.

i am trying to coordinate the feeding of the masses. we're certainly not the biggest op in town, but it's still tricky trying to plan sustenance for dozens of people streaming in and out of this small space. adam took care of the bagel buffet this morning - and may i say that einstein's bagels sells the most delightful raisin and walnut cream cheese...

as if you give a shit, here's what's next: i'm using the morning to re-issue an advisory about tonight's event and do follow-up calls to targeted media. i hope they show up. then i've got to order 100 bucks worth of pizza. then i've got to buy halloween candy for tonight's event. then i've got to give a haircut to adam's wig for tonight.

let me say again that the energy is palpable. we're all dancing on that strange line between serious and nutty. there is good music playing and our bums are wiggling as we work.


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