perfect moments

the launch of jenn's so easy cookbook last night was a big success. greg has already posted pictures, including some of me in my bright orange scarf doing the intro. many friends gathered to fete and BUY the book that cheekily honours the recipes of some of the people jenn knows. once again, the party icon herself dazzled everyone with good energy and good times. miss morris misted us with her remarks about the fair jenn, evoking monologuist spalding grey and his insistence that perfect moments don't just happen, they are created. i, too, believe that jenn has the capacity to create perfect moments: with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of sweat, jenn's gusto is persuasive and uplifting. last night felt like a testament to that, and i think she needed to hear and feel it. aww.

last night was my first post-madison social event. wow. i find it funny that despite the chaos and a dizzying but pleasant buzz (it comes free with four highballs), my tentativeness felt somehow steadied. however momentarily. it's as if the comaraderie, good will and laughter were like two strong hands clasped firmly on my shoulders in assurance. the weeble that is my life felt strangely calm in that perfect moment. sweet jesus, i should get out more.

sudden fromage: omigod! right now through my office window, i just saw a little boy toddle by clutching his mama's hand in one hand and the end of a string in his other... the whole time wobbling because he's looking up to make sure a precious yellow balloon is still up there at the end of it. i'm not even kidding.



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