run down

dispatch from the 514...

spend 70 extra minutes sitting in the parking lot that is the montreal freeway system on a friday afternoon thanks to shockingly ill-timed arrival planning - check
sit through 3 hours of debate on constitutional amendments - check
regale new gay friend over red wine and french fries stolen from plate of someone else - check
feign interest in proceedings while scribbling ocd-soaked checklists and bad poetry - check
endure occasional official speeches by this guy, this guy, this guy, and unofficial ones by this guy and others - check
discreetly release sigh of relief when steve is acclaimed president - check
lose the womens rep spot on la regie before even trying to get it - check
install self on cushy bar stool and shout line em up to andrew the drop-dead-gorgeous bartender (2-4-1 highballs - i cannot be blamed) - check
flirt shamelessly with andrew the drop-dead-gorgeous bartender all night - check
flirt shamelessly with everyone else all night - check
lament insta-death of buzz when server enacts melodrama over bill payment - check
wish the party would carry on despite cosmic signs indicating its end - check
make chamomile tea upon arrival at place-of-stay due to being too wired for bed but too tired to do any actual work - check
relish soothing voice and pee-inspiring comedy of cherished outaouais friend - check
fear coming into contact with hyperactive inner thoughts - check
ensure avoidance of doing actual work by going on line for emails and posting to blog - check


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