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less offensive and more rational alternatives to the asinine mantra for single women 'he's just not that into you' popularized by the pop culture phenomenon, sex and the city (aka more likely reasons for not being together) followed by a plea to the shocking number of women scrambling onto the supposedly liberating bandwagon:

he's just not over someone
he's just not willing to conquer his fears
he's just terrified of a great thing
he's just emotionally stunted
he's just afraid he's not good enough for you
he's just unable to stand up to his demons
he's just weak
he's just not capable of an adult relationship
he's just not that into himself

dear women who are buying into the hype: yes, indeed, let us all expend a little less energy forwarding emails to friends for vocab and punctuation analysis. and yes, let us let ourselves off all kinds of hooks so we can move onto more likely candidates. but in the meantime, let us NOT minimize the complexities and very real deficits that might be inhibiting him from being more, or from even just calling. maybe he's behaving like an arse because he's actually really really into you. if that's true, then more reason to feel bad about him than yourself, no?


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