my rain is purple

this week, the dormant glee that can only come from compiling cd's was roused. fills me with gid. i'm chagrined to report that several new volumes of 80s music cd's have joined the snowballing collection. i remain in awe of the innocuous shit my avoidance can yield. being half in the bell jar and having mild ocd usually results in spontaneous fits of this or this. the work that actually gets produced from the bluezone pales in comparison to the gleam of my appliances and parquet floor. when i under-work myself into street living, at least the soundtrack of my sparkling cardboard shack will be rockin' retro.


Anonymous Elaine said...


4:50 p.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

this from a woman who on the inside, probably views the state of my house and thinks "christophe colombe! how can anyone live in this filthy mess??" e, if we ever decide to try group therapy, you drive sistah.

7:22 p.m.  

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