night life

after a week of trying to establish a healthier schedule, last night threw me for a loop. in bed at 2. still awake at 3. and at 4. and at 5.

alertness in those hours is an aural symphony. the music of my house is supported by a smoking rhythm section featuring a gremlin percussionist who sporadically flings his cymbals around the furnace. i became intimate with the rhythmic groans of the deep freeze, angry clicking of the electric heaters in my room, catchy taps of the pipes. sitting in with the band last night was mother nature - her pitter patter on the skylights above my bed was so light and gentle, it sounded more like crinkling suran wrap than rain. then of course there were the mirrored sounds inside my body - a concurrent concert to prolong the insomnia.

neither of my two alarm clocks pulled me from the sleep i must have eventually fallen into. an hour past target, i rose after what couldn't have been more than three hours of zonk. at this point, my eyes are puffy and i'm pretty pissed. so much to do, so little sanity.

those fucking badass sleep patterns that lurk in corners in leather jackets, flicking cigarettes, taunting you to the dark side. take it from me - stay clear of 'em. they can really fuck you up.


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