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pinch me i must be dreaming...

a good ol' prairie boy tabled a necessarily lacklustre federal budget today, one that panders to these monotonous conservative mantras, ignores quebec, falls far short of genuine advancements on key social issues like kyoto or social housing, and bears modest promise for the push for national child care. bon, ça y est.

me ol' papa, ever the drama queen, underwent an emergency septuple coronary bypass today. i'm jetting to the homeland, mainly for mama. am all mixed up about it, given our soap operatic history. wonder how ‘normal’ people would feel right now and how much i care that i don’t. why did i bristle so hard at a friend's email that said what "a good daughter" i am for going home. cuz i'm not good. and neither are these thoughts floating around my head about all this. at least we can be sure that 1) i'm fucked up, and 2) i'll get a front row seat in hell.

and tonight, the first "results" episode of this year's american idol run proved that there really are new lengths to go to drag out and dramatize the dreaded voting results. i didn't think it could get more over the top. the cutting of four was fucking forgettable since those four gave forgettable performances. fuels my frustration about the good vocalists who were axed before this. by the by, i'm not the only one who thinks rashida got shafted.


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