of fruits and hags

i have long resisted the hideous and unflattering moniker of "fag hag" - a title for unattractive straight women who seek out gay men to adore. last fall, i came to learn an epithet for a related category. the "fruit fly", so explained some young gay boys on the kerry campaign trail, refers to straight women who enjoy the company of gay men, but unlike the fag hag, maintain healthy personal lives of their own (evidently, there are also other definitions). anyhoo, last night when i heard the term "chick friend" used to describe the gal pal of a gay friend, it got me thinking again about the grab bag of labels. to tally: my stable of gay male friends is chock fucking full (i'm a bona fide fag mag). i don't harbour any twisted love obsessions for the gay men in my life that would render me unable to pursue a genuine personal life, à la fag hag. but my personal life is, in fact, a mockery - i can't exactly identify as a fruit fly. i think i'll go with "fag fan"... maybe do a run of hats, bumper stickers, baby t's...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm sure "chick-friend" has absolutely
no derogatory aspect. as opposed to a straight man who may not even be cabable of appreciating a fabulous
independant intelligent woman, one would only be so lucky to have a chick
friend by thier gay-side to enhance
thier lives ... c

12:58 p.m.  

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