air rage

it was 12 hours between the time i walked into the regina airport and slinked out of the ottawa one. the flames of dante's inferno could not burn me as much as today's travel experience has. after being in transit that long, i should fucking arrive with stories about an exotic safari or about how captivating the great barrier reef is. as it turns out, i return home only with irked reports of the obnoxious 'i heart regina' campaign and the proliferation of fucking box stores in regina's east end suburban sprawl-a-thon.

i'm not entirely certain as to where i'm most itching to point the fat finger of blame. air canada is an easy target - it's their plane that delayed us 3.5 hours right off the hop (something about the main aircraft computer simply "not turning on" - comforting). but there were so many other moments of hell throughout the day that together conjure an impressive mound of stinking shyte. note to the gtaa: erect a huge ashtray, replete with putrid ashes and oversized butts - travellers hankering for a puff could just climb right the fuck in there, submerge in the noxiousness, and we'd come out smelling less rank than we do from those hazy glass boxes.

so the sojourn to sask, logistically and emotionally chaotic, is done. dad is recovering well. i parachute back into this so-called life weary and discombobulated, feeling a bit like that fish at the bottom of my parents' aquarium. i noticed him yesterday laying way low, colour and movement lost, dazed. you nestle there, weak in the bedrock, sad friend, while your fellow inmates swirl above you all energetic and hopeful. i sure hope you make it.


Anonymous Miss V said...

Glad to hear you're back safe and sound, and that your Dad is recovering. Oh, I know those GTAA horrors well. Not the smoking lounge, of course, but the get-through-customs-change-your-flight-'cause-you-missed-the-first-one-lineup hell.

12:34 p.m.  

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