like a bee

busy is good. busy is distracting. busy is fatiguing, of a new variety. still juggling all those balls. now having to polish those napping time management skills. no problem. i'm a worker bee. is there some weird association between that and the meaning of my name?

i have hit the ground running with the new campaigner gig - they've basically thrown me into a moving car and i'm fred flintstone-ing it onto the road. that i'm paving. now i've gotta drive that bad boy all the way to the end, not off a cliff. everyone seems thrilled that i'm on board, having operated for awhile now without a steward. so i've been collecting reigns and making maps. the only problem i see at this point is a reticence to relinquish the more sexy work. i suppose it would be tough - i can see how much fun they've been having, trying to navigate pop culture and generationally-diverse iconography [you're an 18 year old in campbellton, do you know who june callwood is?]. don't get me wrong, every endorsement is a valuable one. but there were downright fits of glee last night when the nylons confirmed support - i'm not even kidding. my peeps have tried to get jiggy with it, but yeah, i'll be stepping in to blow some shit up.

on a related note, has tom cochrane even released anything in the past ten years? would he even fill half of porter hall?


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