revenge of the virus

not many people can smell their own left ear. tonight, i can. i've been applying medicated drops to mine. this dreaded infection is a quintessential b movie: really bad, sometimes funny, drags on forever. the sequels boom with the obvious tag lines: it's back. it's out for vengeance. and it's pissed off. not sure why this fucker is back. tried to attack it last fall. but it never really cleared up. despite having vexingly reduced hearing in that ear for the better part of six months, i guess i've been in some kind of denial. and this week for no apparent reason, the pain has resurfaced, one that makes me squeal sporadically during an otherwise uneventful workday. one that renders me unable to sleep on my left, and favoured, side.

that i every so often catch a whiff of the putrid drops is perhaps less disturbing than the fact i have admitted so here. this blog thing began as a way to do more personal writing alongside stuff like this. and i thought it would be challenging to express in a forum that is anonymous yet as public as it gets. i purposely do not monitor stats, because honestly, i don't give a good god damn whether anyone's here. really. yet through anecdotal info, i'm equally surprised by who checks this page as who doesn't. i'm read, therefore, i censor. there are things i'd probably like to blather about but don't, like sex, people i hate, shawville mechanics, or true heartachey-lovey-stuff. but i can write about the ear stink? go figure.


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