a little death

hard to stay positive about work and spring-like weather with the stream of morbid news lately. i feel like the planet's been engaged in one big death watch. (reminds me of that summer in 99 when kalpana kept answering the phone "kennedy watch, can i help you?") ...

let's re-cap. poor pope jp. each day his state worsens, while vatican officials dance around the obvious, not having issued a "statement" about his health since march 10th. yesterday, when he missed a really important appointment, thousands of adorable devotees gawking up at the empty balcony gasped en masse. surely, it's almost over.

this formerly famous reverend is in bad shape. so is poor rainer. people are still fascinated with the guy who nailed grace kelly.

and of course, let us all bow our heads in a moment of silence for the death of michael jackson's dignity. it had suffered so long, may it rest in peace.

then, regrettably, there's terry, whose situation has recently inspired prayers from politically neutral places. i've stayed quiet about the knot in my stomach during this case. there seems to be enough emotionally-charged chaos already. in matters of death over life, even those with unwavering values and politics can teeter. but i have always somehow understood - deeply - that the question is not about life or death. it's about choice. i remember being furious with the world for not letting rodriguez die with dignity. and i remember hating latimer for doing what everyone seemed to blithely refer to as mercy killing. now the christian right again flexes its might in the usa, waxing moralistic instead of calmly accepting the truth. besides, michael sciavo said she would have wanted this. and i, for one, would never imagine it my business to challenge that. all i know is that i'm putting my death wishes down in writing. so too should the righteous protesters in florida - it's all passion in the name of jesus until someone gets knocked in the head with a heavy picket sign.


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