i've been memed

miss v has handed off a baton to me in this latest meme. easy blog indeed. or (another) easy excuse to put off drafting scathing memo of malcontent to unsuspecting colleagues.

how many books do i read a year?
too few. maybe around 10.

what is the last book i bought?
my life, bill clinton

what is the last book i read?
alias grace, margaret atwood

5 books that mean a lot to me or that i particularly enjoyed:
quirkyalone, sasha cagen
what the body remembers, shauna singh baldwin
the bush-hater's handbook - a guide to the most appalling presidency of the past 100 years, jack huberman
the clash of fundamentalisms, tariq ali
are you there god? it's me margaret, judy blume

who will i pass this on to?
ok, i'll play ... the only one i know who might relay is adam. bria is busy with more pressing issues in banda aceh, brian has not updated in a year and a half (though the old stuff is still fascinating), and other blogger acquaintances are probably just too cool for meme.

[on a related note, big shout-out to george who recently gifted me with the book i shall next read: the shadow of the sun by ryszard kapuściński]


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