canuck pride

i just saw kd lang perform on the junos and i still have goosebumps. not only does she look positively beautiful, her voice is in stunning form. her rendition of leonard cohen's hallelujiah literally left me breathless. she followed it up with a moving tribute to our beloved, ailing neil young with helpless. i tell ya, given my fragile state these days, it was a real treat to be uplifted by one of the most gifted talents of our wee country.

and uplifted i'm being. this is actually an excellent broadcast. the genius of gord downey and the tragically hip has been appropriately acknowledged with an induction into the canadian music hall of fame. gord was suitably fucked up during their set tonight. feist, an artist i've been listening to incessantly since discovering her last year, sang and took best new artist. omigod do i ever fucking love k-os - his music just makes me feel better - thank god he's getting his props this year. and object of my affection and profound musical appreciation, sam roberts, looked simply delicious beamed in from down under... can't think of one single reason why we're not shacked up in love.

we have such fucking amazing music up here. i've always been so proud. tonight, i feel like the wide-eyed stage mom mouthing along like a moron at stage left. or the proud weeping mama of the offspring onto whom i have projected all my failed dreams. gawrsh, i'm mighty proud of any artist who puts a love for music above anything else, at any cost. ah, the courage the chase a musical dream. wish i had what it takes to chase mine.

disclaimer: as i type, i can hear kalan porter's performance from the tv in the other room. this in no way should taint or discredit this resounding endorsement of the high quality of canadian music. kalan was a momentary lapse of judgement, and for that, i'm certain i speak on behalf of all canadians when i say, we're sorry.


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