repentigny votes

i am in the federal riding of repentigny. this municipality neighbours charlemagne, famous for having birthed this little known diva. our campaign office is but a couple of kilometres from this gawd-awful monument erected in her honour. but never mind that for now.

our candidate is a shmoopy steelworker who once served in the military and is now a militant activist. i quite like him. he garnered 8% last time - on monday we hope to double that. and i think it could happen. the seat is assuredly going to the bloc candidate around whom there has been much sensationalism thanks to a strange sordid past. the greens might have run an interesting campaign, if only they hadn't missed the deadline. the conservatives are running an ironically named fella (thanks to a popular quebec comedy show about poverty obnoxia). the liberal candidate is a dud, and would get the fewest votes even if he wasn't.

i have been installed as e-day coordinator since tuesday. we are a modest little campaign, macgyver-ing our way to the finish line with just over 500 marks (a mark is a voter who is confirmed to be supporting our guy). in concrete comparisons, we had roughly 1500 marks during alain's run for city council last year and a bit more than that for vicky's run earlier this month. this means monday will be a sort of E-DAY LITE. i already have more than enough volunteers. motions will be gone through, newbies will learn stuff, ballots cast. then, the champagne.

after rejean Totally Kicked Ass on a radio debate today, we celebrated at a chinese food buffet that was surely laced with a bit of Fuck You Up because we giggled our way through an entrely giddy afternoon. very serious analysis and manipulation of excel spreadsheets were continually interrupted by moments of STOOPID. so by the time pierre stuck pink post-it eyes onto a donut box and accosted me with it, i felt compelled to expose the insanity of a shoestring by-election campaign in a surreal montreal suburb.


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