democracy, La Bitch

it's been a week since i've posted anything here. i really have had so much to say, but altogether zero energy to say it, what with the exhaustion of car chaos and election hangovers.

only two days in ste-jerome for provincial convention, but long and arduous those days were. guy lost the presidency - it totally sucked. he was the best chance at continuing the work that's been happening in recent times. myself, i wavered only once from my original plan to run for nothing, and thus, ended the weekend without a seat on the provincial executive - thank christ.

came back from ndp vortex and landed straight into e-day in ontario. getting a flat tire on my way to volunteer did not send me over the edge. nor did the quintessential dumb-ass returning officers i had to contend with at the stupid airless school gym polling station at which i scrutineered for a few hours. maybe miss vicky came in a surprising 3rd in kitchissippi, but i didn't fall over the edge until learning the entire city of ottawa had apparently taken a collective holiday from sanity: the race for mayor was a stunner. the bright light of hope that is alex munter lost to a wacky hi-tech bajillionaire whom no one thought would squeak a win.

be it the dinky executive elections of the quebec ndp or the municipal elections of monday, it would seem that our trusty friend Democracy has a thing or two to say. she snuck up from behind, that bitch, as if to slap you in the back of the head and say, "fuck you, idiot. i'm in charge." the reminder was a harsh one - democracy is a cute concept until you have to watch it in action, actively working against everything you wish for. sure, she's not immune to corruption - she can be manipulated, spun, and even dumbed down. but at the end of the day, democracy rules, whether we like her rules or not.

then every once in awhile, she shows up in the nick of time, throws her soothing arms around you, and envelopes you in sheer joy. like last tuesday. sure, it's been over a week since the american electorate redeemed themselves, but this is a wave i plan to ride for a very long time. holy shit, we really needed this one (the royal we, i mean - those of us whose very ideological health was in utter peril). can you fucking imagine if things had gone the other way?! *shudder* argh, that thought is too dark. oooh, Democracy, the character we love to hate. she keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn't want it any other way. would we?


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