almost famous

audra was in town this weekend for a meeting, so we seized the chance to go paparazzi for the photo campaign (which has not yet exploded, so get cracking already). while on the hill, we posed with the famous 5. audra is so funny, there were many close calls between my pee and my pants (check the pinky!).

may i also say that to experience jesse d live is way fucking better than anything he could capture in a recording. despite the piss poor opening acts and other assorted disappointments, jesse fucking Rocked It. he is an Artist. he is a poet. he is an entertainer. and he can rap like the baddest muthafuckas anywhere. lightening skills, my brother.


Blogger Polly Jones said...

Love it.

I'll hit some campus email lists and see if we can get the campaign rollin' a bit.

7:24 p.m.  

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