amateur with camera

apologies to the 252 people who have 'viewed' my extremely modest flickr page. first of all, who the hell are you, and 2) hope you weren't looking for any photographic genius. anyhoo, since my brother gave me a digital camera this summer, i've gone ahead and attempted to learn how to point and click. for what it's worth, i stuck up some new pics onto flickr today. my freebie account only allows a certain number of uploads per month (and apparently does not take into any account the zillion months of zero uploading), so i ran out of room before mounting a couple of shots from eric and scott's wedding, the sap-fest that it was. and so i shall do so here, at least until they find out and force me to take it down. which i doubt they would because their wedding was beautiful, heartwarming, inspiring, and also just a regular old wedding of two people who are ridiculously in love and stunningly well-suited to spend the rest of their lives in union, holy or otherwise.


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