down with oda

we may not have been able, during quick strategy talks, to determine whether groups and individuals should call for oda's resignation. thankfully, today irene stepped up and led the ndp to call for it. the liberals didn't go that far, but at least are seizing the moment. good. oda is so disturbingly out of touch with reality, it makes zero sense for her to head the status of women portfolio. it's like the minister of finance not believing in money, or the minister of justice not believing in the legal system. goddammit, it's like oprah not believing in the New Age. does the pope believe in god?

minna just shouted right now in the house that this "conservative government is anti-women". holy jesus ... oda's appearance at this morning's meeting of the parliamentary committee on the status of women sure has revived the shitstorm.

these are moments when my sick fascination with QP is justified. so there.


Blogger Polly Jones said...

Did you notice that at one point she said we're not saying that women have achieved...we're not saying that there are no barriers...? I guess "equality" is the new 'no no' word.

1:10 a.m.  

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