opposition day

thursday is opposition day. the liberals are dedicating the whole thing to the status of women file. i'll be riveted to cpac mid to late afternoon when maria minna - lover of garish lipstick and earnestness - intends to stand up from the liberal pen and float this resolution:

"That, in the opinion of the House, the government fails to recognize the many roles of women in Canadian society and the importance of providing all Canadian women with equal opportunity; and the House objects to the government's partisan and discriminatory cuts in federal support for women's programs and services."

given all the fuckery of the past week, aka 'trimming the fat' (thanks, flaherty, for your deep concern over MY diet), who knows what kind of debate minna will spark. wow me, please. because this is Go Time. unless the opposition rocks the House hard, and fast, we may as well sit back and watch the mike harris-ing that will ensue. if we peered into harper's How I Spent My Summer Vacation essay, it would say "i fantasized about using the next parliamentary session to finally show people we mean business. i'm hankering to get back to the office and start rolling out my own common sense revolution. first, equality. then, social services. then, civil liberties! if things go according to plan, the right people will be impressed, the right people will be pissed, and i'll land us a majority in the spring."

no one, for one second, should under-estimate harper. this is no starry-eyed career politician. he's not a party mouthpiece. he's a bona fide STRATEGIST, people. he's been THE strategist for over 15 years. let's not kid ourselves. harper, along with the likes of ezra levant and tom flanagan, has been crafting every painstaking detail of the conservative plan for a Very Long Time. harper came to work. and he doesn't fuck around.


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