vermont is nice

we have apparently rented the House of Knick Knacks near a village called north hero in the champlain islands of vermont, just east of the new york state border and just underneath quebec. the nearest town of any significant size is burlington, about 35 minutes away, which we visited on tuesday after I discovered my modem cable didn't fit; when we found a (hottie, no less) computer guy, he slid the damn thing right into the laptop. i felt like an ass. we decided the trip was not a total bust thanks to a lively visit to this borders during which several dvd box-sets were unnecessarily purchased and I got hit on hard by a adorable chubby black man named mikey [in related news, i finally own all 3 seasons of the entirely inappropropriate strangers with candy that i had scoured the ottawa valley to rent or buy, to no avail]. tomorrow, we will drive down to montpelier so I can take obligatory shots of the state capitol building and claude can push through his thrift store shopping list.

vermont is nice, by the way, and has a great vibe about it. i have set up my workspace at a large window overlooking a stunning lake with faint hills on the horizon and open sky [if i'd remembered to bring the usb transfer cord thingy for my camera, i'd show you]. as i write, i listen to tunes and the fire beside me, i watch waves making their mysterious journey, i laugh at little woodland creatures scurrying across the yard, i smell good smells.

autumn is definately upon us - my feet are constantly cold and I sport a thick scarf around my neck most of the time. perfect walking weather, though. i am reading a couple of interesting books in bed at night: "what should i do with my life" by po bronson and "dropped threads vol 3", a series of essays by canadian women writers.

claude is good company. we're figuring out each other's space and pace. he seems really content in this setting, pursuing the music like a man on a mission. we had intended to dance for one hour every night, but so far that dream hasn't been realized.

i hate dial-up internet. i really really do. but i think it's good for me to have strained access to the techie habits that make up most of my days. the challenge, though, has been keeping up with the fast-paced developments in my world Back Home. having offered pro bono media relations help to national women's groups, i've had a hell of a time staying on top of this week's news cycle and in touch with journalists from this quaint locale. but i AM catching up on paid work, as intended, and hopefully by monday i'll carve out the kind of time i want to do some personal writing. i mean, i'm not going to try and force some contrived notion of creativity [ok, you are in an idyllic setting with nature and silence as inspiration - now quick, BE BLISSED OUT AND CREATIVE dammit]. i will, however, attempt to let go of shit enough to float into a less cluttered place in which creativity and i might meet and do some cool stuff, however momentarily. and that Would be bliss.


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