quebec hangover

2 days back from quebec city and still barely functioning. had full intentions of posting 'live' from convention floor, but doing so would have required the availability of ten consecutive minutes and a power source, and that just wasn't panning out.

the short version: we showed up in droves, showed strongly on the floor, and impressed lots of people. when the declaration passed, overwhelmingly, there were ovations and hugs all around. it was pretty emotional. pierre cried a little bit, and he wasn't alone. the party we threw at a local bar was, by all accounts, a success - over the course of consuming two demi-caraffes of red wine, i told an incredibly stupid personal story to a former member of the quebec campaign staff and got my hair embarassingly caught on some guy's watch. the debates on afghanistan and lebanon were great. keifer was great. nathan was adorable. perhaps not surprisingly, there were chicanes inside the quebec caucus meeting, but all turned out well and so i am trying not to think about how humiliated i felt on behalf of all people who actually appreciate meeting decorum.

now, i feel deplete of pretty much everything. what i really need to do is dive back into everything that lacked my attention these past weeks, yet i can't seem to transition back to 'real' work and real life. i'm late on getting the first draft of the advocacy booklet to these kind folks. i'm (perpetually) late on some help for vicky's campaign. i'm late on connecting with certain community groups on behalf of this cool client. and i'm late in getting the hell out of dodge to join claude on our Much Deserved artistic retreat. so basically, lateness all around and some back pain in the mix for good measure.

i shall also confess to feeling some heartache too. there is, of course, the inevitable Low that hits when the frenetics of an intense weekend come to an abrupt halt. but then there's this. the fatigue led to rawness which led to sadness that has exposed some shit. now i'm marinating in it for a bit instead of clamoring back to denial. but stuff is getting out - this is probably a very good thing, even if it makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and vaporize.

speaking of flaking out, i spent 9-11 horizontal, fantasizing about getting fired by everybody, forever. i was proud of myself for managing to avoid almost all coverage of any commemoration news. though i will say kudos to cbc sunday night for airing evan solomon's piece about 9-11 conspiracy theories instead of a story about terror or wreaths or dumb presidents.


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