the embittered hour

it is now the witching hour, some would say. for me, it's around this time that i start to wander in and out of work projects. i find myself doing ill-advised web surfing and browsing emmy recaps and getting bent outta shape about the ongoing anti-SWC swirl in the blogosphere and singing loudly to the sugarcubes and jill scott and david bowie. i find myself doing the dangerous link-clicking that leads people with better things to do into stupid territory that no one needs to see.

now i find myself in the embittered hour - of course i had to check on the status (sorry) of the anti-status of women rampage that has taken over the blogosphere. oh how i love reading more non-sensical right wing rubbish on the subject. maybe on account of my gummy eyes or compromised sense of reason, i am actually appreciating the blowing open of this 'conversation'. the internet is indeed a wondrous thing. anyways, hard to tell whether this blogburst is withering, but what is getting easier is the planning of the best strategies with which to counter this, and counter it big time. it's coming soon. and it'll be fun.

it never gets easier reading the 'opinions' of my ideological and political adversaries. but maybe anger is productive, as in, the kick start we need to rattle us from complacency and once and for all Take Over? let's face it, anger is the very fuel that keeps them up at night.
then again, stupidity seems to serve them well too, so where the f does that leave us? but they do get all a-twisted about whatever threat-du-jour might be infringing on their Freedoms; those individual rights are in peril, dontcha know - gotta fight to protect our right to be wealthy, narrow-minded, religiously dogmatic, and oh yeah, to bear arms.

my rational side understands the daunting complexities of competing political ideologies, the virtual impossibility of finding common ground with people who stand so fundamentally in opposition to not only your beliefs, but your very essence. each side remarks that the other just doesn't Get It, but the fact is, we just don't Get each other. we are adversaries in our very cores. that's why political communications is such a draw for people who occupy positions this entrenched. the titillating thrill is to convince the Average Voter to come with us. the burning questions become not about what do we want, but how do we tell them that they want it too. the neo-cons in today's political landscape dip a lot into the pool of libertarianism, even brazenly co-opting traditional language of the Left. we, on the other hand, have hardly innovated our own language in order to modernize the ideals on which our Politics are built. that's what compels me. that's why i'm in the game.

aw, well that was fucking moving. must go nite-nite.


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