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i have been told by claude for months that i would Absolutely Love battlestar galactica because it's so well written and very political and that i should rent all the dvd's and love it. my main hesitation, of course, is that, well, it's science fiction. and i generally don't dig sci-fi at all, even if the space ships are transporting characters and story lines riddled with political intrigue. now it turns out even salon.com wants me to get to know the show - this year, in honour of the most underappreciated show in all of tv land, salon awards the buffy to battlestar galactica. so it must really be worth me getting over my distaste for silver space suits. well jesus, why didn't you just say so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i did say so,
minus the silver space suits...
that, actually,
haven't been worn since

1:02 a.m.  

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