keeping the peace

jesus what a week it's been. i emerged from my temporary paralysis to find that lance bass is gay (gasp!) and dating reichen the amazing racer, galiano island is on fire, condi has bounced from the middle east to rome and back again on some sort of pro-israel press junket, and kd lang said stephen harper supports intolerance [she is headlining tomorrow's opening ceremonies of the out games with - helllooooo - miss martha wash herself! um, no, i will not be attending because i did not make the cut].

my timetable, however out of whack, has included unpacking, counseling, sweating, fretting, and re-scheduling job-related things that are perpetually undone. have yet to prepare the job quote that will officialize my new writing contract with cpf. let's hope the gig is still available come monday when i finally submit the shtuff.

i can't say it's entirely gripped my world, but i am definately dumbfounded by the crisis in lebanon. to the lay person who holds no phd in middle eastern history or politics, there is senseless attacking from one side to the other, back and forth, with civilians paying the biggest price. i am stunned by my leader, who lately seems neither prime nor ministerial. he's trying to play middle-of-the-road but is so blatantly uncentered. i think pressure from both sides indicates that people don't like what he's up to (or not up to, rather). no surprise he'd ally with the white house in terms of unspecified support for israel. but this week when he actually questioned the un for being there instead of focusing on the fact that one of our un workers was bombed, well that just sent me over the edge. i want so badly for him to stand up and do the right thing. on the other hand, i'd like him to continue fumbling around on this one. we are supposedly less than a year from an election, and i wonder if his (mis)handling of this could do any damage to his approval ratings.

meanwhile, i've been cast as a peacekeepr in my own right in a family drama that has erupted over the announcement of my brother to our old-school old-land folks that he is moving his Much Younger girlfriend from winnipeg to regina and into his brand new lavish home. his plan does not appear to have been well thought out, nor introduced properly. i'm none too thrilled about him shacking up with a 21 year old stick who we're fairly certain brings nothing to the table, but at the end of the day, it's his choice. and i wholeheartedly support everyone's right to fuck up his/her own life. let freedom ring.


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