forward motion

as usual, i am making and re-working list upon list in disconcerting rainman ways. but it's all good because i'm excited about forward motion. got an amazing price quote from these guys and so yay, the movers are booked. 3 weeks from today, i'll be sitting amidst the same boxes in a different house and that's pretty neat. between moving tasks and whatever time i can spare for actual paid work, i gotta turn this pool from green to crystal and get the hell in it. the only water in my new backyard will be from an outdoor faucet that i've yet to confirm exists and might fill a kiddie pool into which a friend or two could dangle feet.

things are nuts and i may feel overwhelmed, but flashes of perspective come from many angles - i hear the guy who played screech on saved by the bell has resorted to selling t-shirts for a buck, and i just feel better.

our show earlier in the week at the world refugee day event went well enough, i thought, though kevin said it was the worst gig of his life, which we're not to take personally and so i won't. members of the african gospel choir came up and sang backup on midnight train to georgia and it felt awesome. it was also great because matt came and sat in the back to watch me/us for the first time. it was also great because i finally ran into kelly who i've been meaning to connect with since settling in this town. not only did he provide a refreshing blast from the past, he hooked me up with numbers for other lost friends from a musical era i miss deeply.

speaking of music, claude made an amazing cd called Women Men Won't Marry and i told him i belong on it as much as shawn colvin or paula cole and he said absolutely, we should get recording. i think i'd really like that. he's got all this new recording and production software and gadgetry that he's trying to figure out. how amazing he sounds on his first (experimental) track tells me he's got the knack.


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