stolen meme

i thought this one was kinda fun. juvenile, but fun. spotted chez audra who "snagged" it from another person and so on. that's how these meme thingies work.

i left out some sillier questions. i mean, i just don't believe in best friends or marriage or children. i also left out (gladly) editorials after each like Ha! or Yikes! or OMG!

put your music player on shuffle and press forward for each question. use the song title as the answer to each question, even if it doesn't make sense. no cheating.

[ok, like these responses are For Reals, i pinky swear to god]

how am i feeling today? goody two shoes - adam ant
will i get far in life? she goes on - neil finn
how do my friends see me? gone for good - the shins
what is the story of my life? heart and soul - t'pau
what is the best thing about me? shooting stars - edwin mccain
what song describes my parents? changes - tupac & dmx
how is my life going? i drive alone - esthero
what song will they play at my funeral? trying to love you - beth neilsen chapman
what was today like? moon river - frank sinatra
how does the world see me? teenage dirtbag - scala
do people secretly lust after me? cold feet - tracy chapman
how can i make myself happy? bring me to life - evanescence
what should i do with my life? a roller skating jam - de la soul

how will i die? powerless - nelly furtado

wanted other options for the death, so i clicked again, then again and again ... these are funny and also, very acceptable to me [although let's face it, the last one is totally implausible].

mama said knock you out - ll cool j
last days on earth - tears for fears
not like crazy - jill scott
seven days in sunny june - jamiroquai
i want to take you higher - sly & the family stone
while we were hunting rabbits - matthew good


Blogger accidental altruist said...

DAMN! Makes me wanna run out n' buy me one 'o dem ipod contraptions.

9:02 a.m.  
Blogger pamused said...

naw, i just shuffled through my library in windows media player. do it jenn-ay. as for my ipod, i'm loving it now that i bought a pair of really groovy headphones. more on that later.

9:45 a.m.  

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